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Farmer with Organic Eggs

Harvest Haven Homestead

Nestled within the serene and captivating village of Gönen, Isparta in Turkey, our new homestead will be a haven for those seeking a harmonious blend of sustainable living, community connection, and rural charm. Situated amidst the pristine beauty of Gönen 's landscape, our homestead will offer a unique and immersive experience, inviting visitors to partake in a simpler, more enriching way of life.

At the heart of our homestead lies the concept of cozy and eco-friendly tiny home accommodations. These thoughtfully designed dwellings will provide guests with the opportunity to reconnect with nature while enjoying modern comforts. In addition to the charming tiny homes, we also offer caravan and tent options for those who prefer a nomadic touch to their stay.

Our homestead is a place where you can interact with rescue farm animals, learn about sustainable farming practices, and even participate in daily chores if you wish. This connection with nature and animals fosters a sense of community among our visitors, making it an ideal destination for families seeking an educational and fun retreat.

We believe in the power of learning and sharing knowledge, which is why we will host a variety of workshops, activities and tours with experienced local guides and operators. We will provide guests with valuable skills and experiences they can take back home while fostering a sense of togetherness within our homestead's family community.

In Gönen, we've found a village that mirrors the spirit of our homestead, with its warm and welcoming atmosphere.  We are located not far from our favorite family owned and run Horse Club that offers amazing trail rides through the beautiful countryside and riding lessons for the horse enthusiasts. The club offers a great menu with delicious Turkish Cuisine along with a warm and welcoming environment for all.



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